Miss Carin Van Doorn

Consultant Congenital Cardiac Surgeon

Area of expertise

Paediatric & Adult Congenital Surgery

Specialist interests within your profession

Surgery for congenital heart defects in children and adults
Complex aortic root surgery
Mechanical cardiac assistance
Establishing sustainable humanitarian cardiac programmes

See Publications

  • The surgical history, management, and outcomes of subaortic stenosis in adults. Ibrahim M, Kostolny M, Hsia TY, van Doorn C, Walker F, Cullen S, Yacoub MH, Tsang VT. Ann Thorac Surg 2012; 93: 1128-33
  • Mechanical bridging to orthotopic heart transplantation in children weighing less than 10kg: feasibility and limitations. Karimova A, van Doorn C, Brown K, Giardini A, Kostolny M, Mathias M, Hoskote A, Burch M. Eur J Cardiothoracic Surg 2011;39:304-9
  • Influence of ivabradine on reverse remodelling during mechanical unloading. Navaratnarajah M, Ibrahim M, Siedlecka U, van Doorn C, Shah A, Gandhi A, Dias P, Sarathchandra P, Yacoub MH, Terracciano CM. Cardiovasc Research2013;93:230-9
  • Chapters in texbook Surgery for congenital heart disease 3rd edition eds Stark, deLeval, Tsang. Chapters Systemic to pulmonary artery shunts ((16), anomalies of the systemic venous return (23), ventricular septal defects (26),right ventricular outflow tract obstruction with intact ventricular septum(28, single ventricle (40).