• Please note, due to the Covid-19 pandemic our visiting policy is currently different. Please contact the children’s cardiac nurse specialists prior to your child’s admission and they can give you an up to date visiting policy.

    Parents / Carers are welcome at any time.

    6.00am – 10.00am — Parents only
    10.00am – 8.00pm — Any member of the family can visit between these times (only 3 at the bed at a time and 1 must always be the parent)
    8.00pm – 10.00pm — Parents only
    10.00pm – 6.00am — 1 parent overnight

    Anyone who is unwell, or has been in contact with an infectious disease should check with the ward about visiting. No very young children to visit without permission from the nurse in charge. No children under 16yrs allowed to visit without adult supervision.

    Please remember any children visiting are your responsibility during the whole of the visit. We can not be responsible for them. Please talk to the nurse in charge if you need to.