Outpatient Appointments

  • Outpatient appointments are held in Leeds in Cardiology Outpatients, E Floor, Jubilee Wing at the Leeds General Infirmary and at some smaller hospitals throughout Yorkshire and Humber.

    The consultants from Leeds regularly travel to hospitals throughout Yorkshire and Humber to hold outpatient clinics so patients can be seen more locally to home and don’t have to travel to Leeds.

  • What happens at an appointment?

    Your child may have their height and weight checked. They will see the consultant cardiologist, or a senior registrar, who will usually do a scan of your child’s heart and sometimes some other investigations such as an electrocardiogram (ECG).

    After the scan and any other investigations they will discuss with you anything they have found and any plans or changes. They will also let you know if and when you need to come back again.

    If you need to come back again they will give you the contact details of the Children’s Cardiac Nurse Specialist incase you have any questions or worries before the next appointment.