Yorkshire Regional Genetic Service


    The Inherited Cardiac Conditions service is based at the Yorkshire Heart Centre and the Regional Genetics Centre in Leeds. It is a specialised genetic and cardiac service covering the Yorkshire region and run by a dedicated multidisciplinary team.


    Are to provide information, risk assessment and appropriate screening for individuals and
    Families who are suffering from or at risk of an inherited cardiac condition when there:
    Has been a sudden, unexplained cardiac death in a young person.
    Has been a sudden arrhythmic death.
    Is a family history of Cardiomyopathy.
    Is a family history of cardiac arrhythmias e.g. Long QT, Wolfe Parkinson White (WPW),
    Brugada syndrome.
    Are a few members of the family who have had pacemakers fitted.
    Is a family history of connective tissue disorders e.g. Marfans, Ehlers- Danlos.
    Is a family history of chromosomal cardiac conditions.
    Is a family history of congenital heart defects.
    Referral to the service can be made by GP, hospital Consultant or health care professional.

    If you are unsure if a referral is appropriate or would like more information and advice please contact the service Coordinator.

  • We have a “Core Team” which consists of:

    Stephen Page Consultant Cardiac Electrophysiologist
    Dr Alex Simms Consultant Cardiologist
    Dr Anshu Sengupta Consultant Cardiologist
    Dr Elspeth Brown Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist
    Dr Grazia Delle Donne Consultant Paediatric Cardiologist
    Dr Ros Jewell Consultant Clinical Geneticist
    Dr Katrina Prescott Consultant Clinical Geneticist
    Dr Verity Hartill Consultant Clinical Geneticist
    Annabel Nixon Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Clare Taylor Clinical Nurse Specialist
    Kath Ashcroft Genetic Counsellor
    Kathryn Moore Genetic Counsellor
    Jayne Slack Genetic Counsellor
    Gemma Bassindale Specialist Echocardiographer
    Jan Forster Specialist Echocardiographer
    Charlotte Knowles Specialist Sonographer

    We also have a large team of supporting staff that we work very closely with:
    Dr Waz Baig Consultant Cardiologist
    Dr Rob Sapsford Consultant Cardiologist
    Dr Lisa Barker Consultant Pathologist
    Karen Sherburn Secretary

    Lyn McGovern Administration

  • Referral

    There are several ways in which patients are referred to the Inherited Cardiac Conditions Service:

    Self referral – patients are now entitled to contact us directly to request an appointment if they have, or are at risk of having an inherited cardiac condition. We will then contact their GP to get a formal referral.
    GP referral – any patient with, or at risk of having an inherited cardiac condition who isn’t already being seen should be referred.
    Hospital referrals – any patient who has a suspected or confirmed diagnosis can be referred. Reasons for referral might include diagnostic confirmation, exclusion of phenocopies (conditions that mimic a genetic condition), genetic testing, risk stratification, management advice, long term follow up, family screening.

  • How to contact us

    Consultant Cardiologists

    The Yorkshire Heart Centre
    Jubilee Building,
    Leeds General Infirmary
    Great George Street
    LS1 3EX

    Dr Elspeth Brown, Dr Delle-Donne

    Consultant Paediatric Cardiologists
    Tel Secretary 0113 3925738

    Dr Stephen Page and Dr Alex Simms

    Consultant Cardiologists
    Tel 0113 3926619

    Dr Jewell, Dr K Prescott, Dr Harthill

    Consultant Geneticists
    Dept Clinical Genetics, Level 3
    Chapel Allerton Hospital
    Leeds LS7 4SA
    Tel secretary 0113 3924563

    Kath Ashcroft Genetic counsellor

    Tel: 0113 3924436 sect 0113 3924573

    Jayne Slack Senior Counsellor 0113 2065897


    Annabel Nixon ICC nurse specialist

    Tel 07584184602