Easy Read Guide for Out Patients

  • An easy ready guide to Cardiology Out-patients at Leeds General Infirmary

  • Come into The Jubilee Building.

    Go in the lifts on Floor B

  • Get the lift to floor E

  • Follow the signs to the Cardiac and Neuro Outpatient Department

  • Walk down the corridor.

  • Turn right at the end of the corridor.

  • Go to the reception desk. Hand over your appointment letter or tell them you are here for an appointment.

  • The receptionist will ask you a few questions

    They will ask-

    What your name is

    What your address is

    What your phone number is

    They will ask if you have brought your hospital passport.

  • The receptionist will give you an ECG card and direct you to the ECG department.

  • Go back down the corridor.

  • Give the Technician your ECG card.

  • The Technician will do an ECG test.

    The Technician will have to attach wires to you? Explain what the ECG does.

  • Go back to desk D and hand in your ECG to the receptionist who will ask you to take a seat in the waiting area

  • The receptionist will ask you to take a seat in the waiting room.

    You will see the Consultant and the Nurse Specialist

  • A nurse will take your observations.

    They will take your blood pressure and your height and weight.

  • The nurse will ask you to take a seat back in the waiting room. You may be in the department for up to 2 hours as we will do a few tests and you will see the consultant.

  • The doctor or the nurse will come and call you in for your appointment.

  • You might see the Adult Congenital Nurse Specialist along with the Consultant and sometimes on their own. They will ask you questions about your lifestyle, such as diet, exercise, contraception and pregnancy and general health education.

  • You will be given a patient information folder on your first visit. This contains contact numbers and information relevant to your heart condition.

  • The doctor will ask you questions.

  • The doctor may examine you.

  • You will be taken through to have an echo. (jelly scan)

  • You may have to go back to the waiting room.

  • The Doctor will discuss the results with you.

  • After your appointment you can leave the hospital.

  • Go back to the E floor lift.

    Get the lift back to B floor to the Hospital exit.

  • You may need further tests at a later date which will be sent out to you in the post.

    We will arrange when to see you again in clinic.

    You can leave the hospital.

  • To download and print our Easy Read Guide to Outpatients please click here