My Baby has a Heart Problem: What does that mean for us?

  • When a diagnosis of Congenital Heart Disease is made your Consultant will explain the details of the condition and give you written information about it. She will also discuss the number of procedures/operations likely to be required as well as the long term outlook and associated risks to your baby’s health.
    She may need to talk to you about very difficult issues such as termination of pregnancy or comfort care if your baby is unlikely to survive the pregnancy or is unsuitable for surgery following delivery.

    The prognosis and management for different heart conditions can vary widely and it may be different in other parts of the world. We suggest you limit your internet browsing to reputable sites where the information can be trusted. The British Heart Foundation has a series of heart specific booklets which could help you understand your baby’s condition better. See Advice and Support section for further information.

    The image to the right of the screen shows inflow across the tricuspid and mitral valves.