Second Opinion

  • Your Right To A Second Opinion

    The NHS entitles you to ask for a second opinion. In Leeds we have no problem with you seeking a second opinion, indeed you will sometimes find that your Cardiologist may want to consider a second opinion on your behalf, particularly if your baby’s case is unusually complex.

    Why Ask For A Second Opinion?

    You may want another Cardiologist to confirm the diagnosis. You may want another Cardiologists opinion on your baby’s planned treatment. You may prefer your baby to have surgery in a different heart centre. You may have concerns about some aspect of the care or treatment you have been offered.

    How To Get A Second Opinion

    Ask your Cardiologist. She will be happy to help you get a second opinion and can suggest another Cardiologist/Specialist centre. Ask your GP to arrange an appointment for you.

    Please do not feel uncomfortable talking to us about this subject. The most important thing is to make sure you and your baby are getting the best possible care. Please make sure your second opinion is at another Specialist Congenital Heart Unit in the UK. We are happy to give you advice regarding this. For more information/advice contact the Cardiac Nurse Specialists.