Having your baby in Leeds or in your local hospital?

  • We have diagnosed a cardiac condition in your baby but some babies can be delivered in your local hospital.
    If this is the case, then your obstetric team will be kept well informed about the care your baby will need during the remainder of your pregnancy, during labour and once they are born. We would suggest you take all your Leeds clinic letters and any other condition related information we have given to you in your hospital bag to the delivery suite.

    Your baby may need admission to the Neonatal Unit for further assessment or will be assessed by a Paediatric doctor and may have a heart scan prior to discharge home. A follow up appointment will be made in the cardiology clinic to confirm the diagnosis and plan further treatment.

    The Cardiac Nurse Specialist team you met during your pregnancy will continue to be available to offer support following the birth of your baby.

    You can contact them on the mobile phone numbers you were given following diagnosis or on Tel: 0113 3925467 email: ccns.lgi@nhs.net