Why Have I Been Referred For a Heart Scan?

  • You may have been referred for a fetal heart scan or Fetal echo for one of a number of reasons. It is likely that your referring hospital or midwife may have explained this to you before now

    Suspected abnormality

    When you attended for your “20 week scan” the sonographer may have suspected that there is a problem with your baby’s heart or been unable to get adequate views of all the structures of the heart. They may have discussed the suspected problem with you or informed you that you are coming for a more detailed scan in Leeds which may clarify the problem
    Alternatively they may have seen other structural abnormalities in the baby, which make a heart problem or genetic condition more likely. In that case the Fetal echo will look in more detail at the heart to rule out further problems.

  • Family History

    You, your partner or a previous baby may have been affected with Congenital heart disease and required an operation (keyhole or open heart surgery). Congenital heart disease is a condition that you are born with.

    Medical Conditions/Medication

    You may have an underlying medical condition such as diabetes mellitus prior to getting pregnant, which can increase the chance of your baby having a heart problem. You may alternatively be on medication for another condition that could have effects on the baby; therefore you have been referred for routine screening.