Coming in to Hospital

  • On arrival to the ward you need to check in at the reception desk. A nurse or the ward clerk will then show you to your bed. You will also be briefly shown around the ward and where the facilities are e.g. bathroom, playroom.

    The nurse will then undertake your admission paperwork which involves asking a series of questions to find out more about you.

    The ward doctor will ask you a few questions regarding your past and present health and about any medicines you may be taking and also perform a quick examination e.g. listen to your heart etc.

  • Routines

    There is no strict ward routine and you will be encouraged to follow your home routine as much as possible. Children spend much of their time on the ward doing activities, organized by our play specialist / teachers on the ward.
    We hope you will be able to continue to self-care, such as washing and dressing yourself, but the staff are there to help and support you. You will not be expected to do anything you do not feel able to, and staff will be happy to give advice if there is anything you aren’t sure about.

  • Customs and beliefs

    The hospital has a chaplaincy and representatives of most faiths are available on request. If you have any particular wishes regarding your religion or faith, please discuss this with your nurse.

  • Distractions/Activities

    We have lots of things to keep you occupied whilst you’re an inpatient with us. The following are a few examples
    We have a wide range of books for all reading abilities

    Games and Puzzles
    Hand held American football or tank game (battery operated), small puzzles. We also have a range of games consoles and ipads that you can use throughout your stay.

    Relaxation tapes, singing, and instruments

    Sensory Experiences
    We have a range of sensory equipment including stress balls and an interactive TV.

    Mental aptitude
    Logical thinking games, mental math’s games (counting, multiplication), jokes, positive interaction/conversation

    Please do not hesitate to ask Emma or Gemma (Play Team), if you would like any more information or if you feel you may need some distraction during any treatments or procedures.