• Specialist Nurses, Cardiac – How the nurse specialist can help you:

    Information for you

    If you would like more information about your heart condition we can provide written details and diagrams or can arrange to meet with you personally to discuss this.

    Information for others

    If you have local health professionals, such as School Nurses, Community Nurses or family doctors, involved in your care, we would be happy to provide them with information about your heart condition and related issues.

  • Driving

    For most young people having a heart condition does not prevent them from holding a driving license. However, if you have an irregular heart rhythm, or have been fitted with a pacemaker, the Driving Vehicle License Authority will need to be informed and provision of medical information may be necessary.

    Other Agencies

    The specialist nurses can also put you in touch with other places of support:

    • Social Workers – who can offer advice regarding benefits which may be available to young people with heart conditions.
    • Support Groups – there are specialist support groups for young people with heart conditions such as the Somerville Foundation , who provide information and support for young people and adults who were born with a heart condition, and their families.

  • Just want to talk?

    There may be times when you feel that you would like to talk to someone outside of the family. Please contact us and we can arrange to meet up, either at your home or at the hospital.

    I don’t know what to say?!

    If your school, college, employer is asking for advice regarding your heart condition, please contact us as we can provide written information or even visit the school, if more appropriate.

  • Leeds Congenital Heart Unit Facebook Page

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  • Children’s Heart Surgery Fund

    Supporting congenital heart disease patients from fetus through to adulthood.
    Tel: 0113 3925742

  • British Heart Foundation

    Tel: 0300 330 3311

  • The Somerville Foundation

    Tel: 0800 854 759

  • Arrhythmia Alliance

    Tel: 01789 450787

  • Cardiac Risk in the Young

    Tel: 01737 363 222

  • Children’s Heart Federation

    Tel: 0808 808 5000

  • Cardiomyopathy Association

    Tel: 0800 018 1024

  • Down’s Heart Group

    Tel: 0844 288 4800

  • Little Hearts Matter

    Tel: 0121 455 8982

  • Marfan Trust

    Tel: 020 8725 1189

  • Max Appeal!

    Tel: 0300 999 2211

  • Turn 2 Us

    Turn to us is a national charity that helps people in financial hardship gain access to welfare benefits, charitable grants and support services.
    Turn 2 Us