• May 26th, 2020

Coronavirus Advice - Paediatric Patient Advice (CHD)

Outpatient clinics

We are in the process of planning some clinics in Leeds and other hospitals within our Network, as well as continuing with telephone appointments over the next few months. These clinics will be for a smaller number of patients, to ensure social distancing and reduce the time that you are at the hospital.
Staff will be wearing appropriate PPE as necessary. It maybe a good idea to let your child know that staff maybe wearing masks etc so they are prepared.

Where possible, only one parent or carer should attend clinic appointments with their child. The cardiac nurse specialists will not usually be present in clinics, but will be in contact by telephone in the day or so afterwards. If you would like to speak to someone before or after your appointment then please contact them on 0113 3925467 or ccns.lgi@nhs.net

Returning to School

Schools might reopen for some children from June 1st and we understand that this may cause some anxiety for parents of children with heart problems. It is very rare for children to become unwell with coronavirus and most children with heart problems are not at greater risk, so no additional precautions are necessary when they return to school.

We previously identified a number of groups of children with more complex heart disease who may be at greater risk from the virus, including children:

With a single ventricle, Fontan circulation or Glenn shunt

Who have cyanosis (low blood oxygen levels)

Who have heart failure / cardiomyopathy requiring medication

Who take regular medicines to improve heart function

With pulmonary hypertension or Eisenmenger syndrome

With tetralogy of Fallot, an atrioventricular septal defect or a large ventricular septal defect that has not yet been operated on

With Di George syndrome if the immune system is affected

If your child is in one of these groups then we advise you to talk to the school to explore what measures will be put in place to help you decide whether or not you are comfortable with them returning.

If you decide not to send your child back to school then you will not be penalised.

If you would like to discuss this issue with us please contact the cardiac specialist nurses on 0113 392 5467 or ccns.lgi@nhs.net.

Updated 26/05/2020