• Mike
  • August 9th, 2016

Healing Little Hearts, Goa Mission 2016

In June a group of medical and nursing staff from the LGI undertook some charity work in Goa on behalf of Healing Little Hearts.
The group included Stefano Congui (Consultant Cardiac Surgeon) Dr Balagi(Consultant Anaesthetist) Mark Darowski (Consultant Intensivist) Aimee Lonsdale and Laura Dalton (Clinical Fellows) Sheila Fitz-Costa and Julie Millward (Senior Sisters PICU).
It was a 7 day mission in Bamololim Goa in the University Hospital undertaking Paediatric Cardiac Surgery.
In total 14 patients were operated on and 2 required reoperations due to complications of surgery.
Following surgery the patients were cared for in the Intensive Care Unit by medical and nursing staff from Leeds PICU on a 12 hour rota alongside nursing staff from the Intensive Care Unit in Goa.
Medical and nursing staff from Leeds were teaching, advising and sharing knowledge and skills on caring for paediatric cardiac patients whilst in surgery and post-operatively in the intensive care unit.
The entire team thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and worked well as a team with limited resources and equipment.

"teaching, advising and sharing knowledge and skills"