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  • Download our Children’s Specialist Nurse leaflet

    Our specialist nurses can help with more information about your child’s heart condition – we can provide written details and diagrams or can arrange to meet with you personally to discuss this.

    We can talk to others looking after you and your family

    If you have local health professionals, such as Health Visitors, School Nurses, Community Nurses or family doctors, involved in the care of your child, we would be happy to provide them with information about your child’s heart condition and related issues.

  • Need to ask the doctor something?

    If there are any issues about your child’s heart condition, or care, which you are not sure about we could discuss these with your Consultant on your behalf.

    Health Visitor/ School Nurses

    We can provide information for health visitors and school nurses regarding general health issues which may be influenced by your child’s heart condition. E.g. immunisations, feeding, weaning.

  • Others that can help

    We can put you in touch with other agencies:
    • Social Workers – who can offer advice regarding benefits which may be available to families of children with heart conditions.
    • Dietitians – who can advise about feeding issues.
    • Support Groups – there are specialist support groups for families of children with heart conditions.


    There may be times when you feel that you would like to talk to someone outside of the family. Please contact us and we can arrange to meet up, either at your home or at the hospital.