Grand Tour of Leeds Congenital Heart Network

  • Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could all visit Scarborough and enjoy fish and chips on the beach? Or have a walk around historic York looking at the magnificent buildings? Or even go on a shopping trip to Meadowhall?
    Well, with the power of your collective imagination, and steps we can.
    At this time, more that ever, it’s important that we all keep active and connected to each other, so we would like to invite you, your family and friends to join us on a trip around Yorkshire, visiting all the areas we run local clinics. So, it truly will be a grand ‘walk’ around Yorkshire, Humberside and North Derbyshire.

  • Each week we will set a destination, work out the number of steps we will collectively need to do, and as a big team collect as many steps as we can manage, ending up at our destination together.
    This is not a competition, so please don’t worry if you are at home and not able to get out very much, or at all. That’s where we all work together as one big community to get everyone there. As a national supermarket say ‘every little helps’, so step counts large or small will all add up to a fabulous total.
    As we ‘walk’ together it would be great to see your photographs and the progress you are making.

  • Week 9 Scarborough 26th June – 3rd of July

    Well this is it. Our final week and what a way to finish with fish & chips and ice cream on the beach, a ride on a Donkey and a paddle in the sea. We most definitely deserve it after such an epic journey around our region.

    Along the way we will be waving a big hello to all our friends at Scarborough District Hospital

    This week we need to achieve 139,603 number of steps together, so please log your steps HERE or email with your steps.

    It would be great to get as many people as you possibly can involved in this week’s walk so our virtual beach party can be bigger and better than ever – and such a better way of achieving social distancing!

    Tasks along the way:-

    26th of June is Chocolate Pudding Day. It would be rude not to celebrate this day.
    29th of June is Cream Tea Day. I think we deserve this given all this walking we have done.

  • We would also like to support The Children’s Heart Surgery on the journey, so people are welcome to make a contribute to the Just Giving page we have set up. Perhaps you could donate the cost of an Ice Cream we will all have when we get to Scarborough, or the fish and chips we have in Grimsby?
    Every week we will have a ‘lucky dip’ and draw out the name of someone who has joined us on that stage of the journey, to receive a small gift from The Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.

    If you would like to donate to the Children’s Heart Sugery Fund please click here