Coronavirus Advice - Indoor Exercises for Adults

  • Below are some ideas and links to websites that will help keep you active.

    Always remember the talk test: “while exercising it is ok to be a little warm and out of breath but you should still be able to talk in full sentences, if you cannot do this you need to rest”

    Please avoid weight lifting and anything else you have been recommended to avoid by your physiotherapist and/or consultant.

  • British Heart Foundation: has some great links for exercise ideas such as 10 minute work outs, links for different free apps and even tips on how to stay active in the garden.

    Click Here for 10-minute-workout

    Click here for 7 free apps

    Click here for gardening advice

  • Fitness Blender: Search fitness blender and access free workouts, it lets you choose the duration, type, intensity of the workout and also lets you choose to do it with equipment or not. Suitable for teenagers and adults Click Here

  • PE with the body coach: Joe Wicks is live at 9am Monday-Friday on his YouTube channel doing workouts for people of all ages to enjoy! Click Here

  • A really useful Infographic from the Department of Health about exercise for adults.

    Physical activity for adults and older adults: 19 and over

    Physical activity for disabled adults