• Dr Sampath, Rotherham

    Let me introduce myself and tell you what my roles and responsibilities are in the care of your precious little one.

    My name is Dr Sunitha Sampath and my official work title is ‘Paediatrician with cardiology Expertise or in short ‘PEC’.

    As a paediatrician, I have a wide range of skills and expertise in managing General Paediatric ailments of children and newborn babies and a broad role including management of paediatric and newborn emergencies, their acute care, general paediatrics clinics and safeguarding duties.

    I also specialise in the area of my keen interest which is “paediatric cardiology”. I have received extensive training in Leeds Paediatric Cardiology unit in the management of children with heart conditions, interpretations of ECGs, Echocardiograms (Heart scans) and other heart tests. I work as a link person to Leeds in providing level 3 heart care locally with an aim of delivering as much treatment as safely as possible closure to your home. My level 3 responsibilities would include reviewing children with suspected heart problems referred from your GP, from A&E and from the Paediatric team. I work very closely with Leeds Paediatric Cardiology team which is our Level 1 heart centre and with our Cardiologist Dr Antigoni Deri who comes to Rotherham once monthly to undertake Joint Clinics. There will be myself, Dr Deri and a paediatric cardiac specialist nurse in the Joint Clinics.

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