DENTISTS- Prevention of endocarditis & Anaesthetic advice


    The safest option for dental work is via local anaesthetic but if the treatment cannot be performed with the child awake a general anaesthetic will be necessary.

    Anaesthetic advice

    If you require advice about anaesthesia for elective dental treatment, please discuss with the local anaesthetist/ anaesthetic department, referring to the flowchart below.

    If the local anaesthetist wishes to discuss paediatric cases which fall into the “yellow” category, contact Dr J Scheffczik, Paediatric Cardiac Anaesthetist based at Leeds General Infirmary for advice:
    Dr J Scheffczik email:

    If the patient requires urgent dental treatment with general anaesthetic please contact the paediatric cardiac anaesthetist on call or the paediatric cardiologist on call via the hospital switchboard at Leeds General Infirmary. Tel 0113 2432799
    Please see flow chart below for more detailed information