School Advice

  • Starting Schools/Transferring Schools

    This can be an anxious time for any parent but having a child with a heart condition can have its own worries and it helps to be prepared. Many children will have been going to nursery, but it may be the first time that you have left your child with someone else, and you need to feel confident that your child is in good hands. We would therefore suggest that you contact the school well before the expected start date to discuss their needs. The same applies when transferring to high school – more teachers are involved, that need to be informed about your child’s condition. The Head of Year is usually the most appropriate person to contact.

    These are some of the issues you might like to consider:

  • Supervision

    In junior school, teachers spend a lot of time with the same children and get to know them very well. If you inform your child’s teacher of their condition they will be able to supervise them appropriately and it is unlikely that they will need any special provision. However, children with complex heart problems may not tolerate being outside in bad weather and may need to stay indoors at break times when supervision will be needed. Children who appear blue should be encouraged to drink plenty, to avoid dehydration especially after exercise or in hot weather. As they get older, children recognise when they are being treated differently from their friends so any extra supervision should be approached sensitively.