Your Appointment

  • When you arrive for your appointment (E Floor, Jubilee Wing) you will need to ‘check in’ electronically before proceeding to desk D at the far end of the out-patients department. You will almost always be asked to have an ECG performed, and then one of the clinic nurses will check your blood pressure and pulse, and also measure your height and weight.

    You will be seen either by one of the consultants or by one of the senior doctors specialising in congenital heart disease. The Clinical Nurse Specialist team will be present for your consultation, and can provide you with further support and advice once you have seen the doctor. You may need an echo (heart jelly scan). These will usually be performed at the same visit, and can take up to forty five minutes to perform.

    Other more complicated tests will usually be performed at another visit. We will advise you of a management plan and when you will need to be seen again before you leave the clinic.