• Once a decision has been made that you require surgery, you will receive an appointment to meet a surgeon. The surgeon will talk to you about the operation and explain the risks and benefits. If you agree to go ahead you will be put on the waiting list. Most people will not wait more than 18 weeks. You will get a phone call or letter about 2 weeks before your surgery to ask you to attend the pre-admission clinic.

    These clinics are held throughout the week, you will be seen by the Nurse Specialist before your planned operation date. You will have an ECG (heart tracing), Chest X-ray, MRSA swabs and some bloods taken in preparation for surgery. You will also need to bring in a urine sample. The discussion will be around admission, preparation for surgery and follow-up care. This is to make sure you are ready for surgery and also to give you an opportunity to ask any questions or find out more about coming into hospital.

  • You will come in to hospital the day before surgery. You will meet the surgeon who will talk through the operation again and fill in a consent form with you. You will be in hospital for about one week, with at least one day and one night on the intensive care unit (ICU).
    After your operation you will be closely monitored by the surgeon and cardiologist. Before discharge a Nurse Specialist will visit you on the ward to talk with you about how best to take care of yourself when you go home.
    By the time you are discharged, you will be able to dress yourself, shower, manage a flight of stairs and make yourself a light meal/snack.
    We advise against heavy, strenuous activity for at least 6-8 weeks, but encourage you to recover by regular walking and light activity.
    We will give you more advice before discharge.

  • A nurse specialist will phone you at home in the week following discharge to check on your progress. You will be given a contact telephone number that you can call should you have any concerns in between discharge and follow-up. You will receive an appointment to see a surgeon or cardiologist 6 weeks after discharge. At this meeting you can discuss issues such as returning to work or going on holiday.

    If you require any further information about your surgery please contact the Nurse Specialist on 0113 3928154.

    You can get Information about the different operations here: